Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering


Dr. Cara Poor

Clinical Associate Professor

Phone: (509) 335-4547
FAX: (509) 335-7632



  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2006, Oregon State University
  • M.S., Environmental Engineering, 1999, University of California at Davis
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, 1997, Oregon State University


  • Professional Civil Engineer, State of California, License #62400


  • Clinical Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, WSU, 2012 - present
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, WSU, 2006 - 2012
  • Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Civil Engineering Department, Oregon State University, 2001 - June 2006
  • Associate Engineer, Montgomery Watson Harza, 1998 - 2001


  • Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award, CEE, WSU, 2010
  • Best Zone Paper, ASEE Pacific Northwest Regional Conference, 2009
  • EPA Cooperative Program, 2004-2006
  • Professional Performance Award, Montgomery Watson Harza, 1999
  • National Science Scholar, Oregon State University, 1993 - 1996


  • Watershed Nutrient Dynamics
  • The Effects of Land Use on Stream Nutrients
  • Development of a Model to Predict Stream Nitrate Concentrations Using Land Use and a Simple Hydrologic Measure
  • Development of Educational tools for Improving Concept Understanding and Retention in Engineering Courses


  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Open Channel Flow
  • Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Ethics
  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering


  • Poor, C.J., and Ullman, J. (2010) "Using Regression Tree Analysis to Improve Predictions of Low-Flow Nitrate and Chloride in Willamette River Basin Watersheds", Environmental Management, 46, p. 771-780.
  • Poor, C.J., McDonnell, J.J., and Bolte, J. (2008) “Testing the hydrological landscape unit classification system and other terrain analysis measures for predicting lowflow nitrate and chloride in watersheds”, Environmental Management, 42, p.877-893.
  • Poor, C.J. and McDonnell, J.J. (2007) "The Effects of Land Use on Nitrate Dynamics", Journal of Hydrology, 332, p. 54-68.
  • Poor, C., Vache, K., Godwin, D., Bennett, J., Blatchford, D., Cox, M., Dewey, M., Kizito, F., Melick, J., Mitchell, R., Mutti, J., Nicholas, J., Parker, L., Pennington, J., Schmalenberg, J., Spelts, McDonnel, J. (2004) "Improvement of Process Description in Conceptual Runoff Models in the Ungauged Basins: A Case Study of Landuse Effects on Water Quality", EOS Trans. AGU, 85 (17), Jt. Assem. Suppl., Abstract H53B-04.

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