Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Advisory Board

Department Advisory Board

CEE Advisory Board 2011

Dan Campbell

Dan Campbell
Board Chairman

Geo Engineers
Transportation Market
Chief Operating Officer
Redmond, WA
Term expires: 6/1/17

Thomas E. Baker

Thomas E. Baker, P.E.
State Materials Lab
Olympia, WA
Term expires: 6/1/17



Carol Buckingham

Carol Buckingham , P.E.
Structural Designs, PLLC
Kirkland, WA
Term expires: 6/1/17

James Clark

James Clark, P.E.
Senior Vice President
Region Managing Director
B&V Water
Black & Veatch
Term expires: 6/1/17

Bob Elliott

Bob Elliott, P.E.
Vancouver, WA
Term expires: 6/1/17

Calvin George

Calvin George P.E.
Project Manager
SEL Engineering Services
Pullman, WA 99163
Term expires: 6/1/17

Lars Hendron

Lars Hendron , P.E.
Principal Engineer
Wastewater Management
Spokane, WA
Term expires: 6/1/17

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson P.E.
Principal Hydraulic Engineer and Geomorphologist
Watershed Science & Engineering
Seattle, WA
Term expires: 6/1/17

Shana Kelley

Shana Kelley, P.E., S.E.
KPFF Consulting Engineers
Seattle, WA
Term expires: 6/1/17

Kieth Metcalf

Keith A. Metcalf, P.E.
Deputy Chief Engineer and Eastern Region Administrator
Washington State Dept. of Transportation
Spokane, WA
Term expires: 6/1/17

Dale Nelson

Dale A Nelson, P.E.
Manager, Construction Services
NANA Pacific
Anchorage, AK
Term expires: 6/1/17

Susan O'Neill

Susan O'Neill, Ph.D
Air Quality Scientist
Air Quality & Atmospheric Change Team,
US Forest Service Research
Portland, OR
Term expires: 6/1/17

Theodore Pooler

Theodore W. Pooler, P.E.
Huibregtse, Louman Associates, Inc.
Yakima, WA
Term expires: 6/1/17


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